nizus: Using steps of the online system of aeronautical theory exam training
Nine steps that will lead
you to success.
Steps 1
You can try our free demo without subscribing. However, if you would like to take advantage of PSTAR for free or subscribe to another stage, you will have to create an account by filling in the registration form, or simply connecting via Facebook.
nizus registration form
Steps 2
Select your stage
nizus goes with you from your first step all the way to your career as an airline pilot and gives you access to a large number of stages to better respond to your needs. During this step, you get to choose the duration of your subscription (1, 3, or 6 months) and you start studying and training for the written exam of Transport Canada.
nizus advantages: Select your level
nizus advantages: Select the type of examination

Steps 3
Select your exam type
Once you have subscribed, go to your page "My account". You have access to the different types of exams, depending on the stage you have picked, and you have the choice between the module exams (made up of 25 questions on one subject) and the complete exams (covering all the topics and perfectly simulating the type of exams that you will take at Transport Canada).
Steps 4
Start your exam
Whether you decided to being with a module exam or go in the deep end with a complete exam, you have to choose where to begin. The exams are numbered. There is no secret to success, only work: to guarantee your chances of success, we advise you to take all the exams in the right order. If you would like more practice, you can retake any of the exams.
nizus advantages: Start your review
nizus advantages: Before you start

Steps 5
Before beginning
Before you start an exam, you can upload the corresponding appendix. It will help you to answer to some questions.
Steps 6
During the exam
Throughout the exam, you have a grid at your disposal that allows you to navigate the questions. This grid allows you to skip a question and more easily go back to it later.

You also have the possibility to switch between French and English at any time. You will be timed.
There is no time limit. Nevertheless, it is useful to have a good idea of how much time is spent on the exam before the big day.
nizus advantages: Start your review
nizus advantages: Completion of review

Steps 7
At the end of the exam
The legend
nizus shows three answers for each question:
your answer, the right one, and the wrong one.


The information
nizus proofs your exam, grades your result,
compares it to the passing grade of
Transport Canada and gives your time.


The result
You know whether you would have passed
the Transport Canada exam.
Steps 8
The explanations
When you go over your exam you have access to the detailed explanation for each question, which enables you to strengthen your knowledge of each subject. The explanations are based on the official publications of Transport Canada, the references of which we provide to get you even further.
nizus advantages: Explanations
nizus advantages: Statistics

Steps 9
The statistics
When you finish an exam, nizus calculates your average grades and displays them under the tab "Statistics" of your account. There, you can find your progress over time as well as your scores for each exam. The grade for a subject is detailed in the score of the complete exams to show your strengths and weaknesses and enable you to work more efficiently.

With nizus, you always know where you are at.
A solution optimized at a national scale!
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