nizus: Theoretical training for Canadian Airplane Pilots.

About nizus...

nizus is the website reference for the theoretical training for Canadian airplane pilots.

nizus has been created by a team of flight instructors who wish to improve the theoretical learning of pilots.
Before reaching the flight instructor rating, we spend a lot of time preparing our Transport Canada theoretical examinations on the existing manuals. Verdict: Manuals present many disadvantages. In addition to be heavy, expensive and bulky, they are not always updated regarding regulations and are often out of date. Their images and content, often poor in quality, do not make you feel like studying. Moreover, they waste your time since you have to search the explanations by yourself and calculate your statistics.
We wanted to improve significantly the theoretical training for pilots.

Our main goal is to offer you the best tools that will allow you train efficiently and fast for the Transport Canada (TC) written examination. For this purpose, we are working in collaboration with Transport Canada and Nav Canada.

We offer you the greatest database in Canada (more than 9,800 questions available both in English and in French), allowing you to deal with all the subjects and be fully ready and unstressed at the Transport Canada examination. These questions are divided into module exams (Air Law, Meteorology, Navigation and General Knowledge) and in complete exams (including all subjects).

To prepare pilots for the Transport Canada written examinations, our team of aviation experts created a working interface similar to TC's. This is why you have access, for each question, to four choices of answers. As on TC's, there is on nizus' interface a timer, a progression bar, a button to switch from English to French and vice versa and a grid which indicates the number of questions answered, the number of questions not seen and the number of questions not answered. You can navigate on this grid throughout the examination. In order words, beside training you to the written examinations, nizus allows you to become familiar with the Transport Canada working interface.

The nizus team can do much more. When completing an exam, you have access to a great deal of information including your score and your time. For each question, a display shows you the good answer, what you answered and, most important, a detailed explanation prepared by flight instructors. You do not need to spend a precious time searching for the explanations anymore: nizus do it for you! Talking about saving time, did you know that nizus calculates your average score and your score for each subject? These two items allow you to save many time and to become a pilot faster than if you used the old training methods such as manuals.

nizus is study and reference guide for the following exams:

  • Student Pilot Permit or Private Pilot License for Foreign and Military Applicants (PSTAR)
  • Restricted Operator Certificate (Aeronautical Qualification) (ROC-A)
  • Recreational Pilot Permit - Aeroplane (RPAE / RP)
  • Private Pilot License - Aeroplane (PPAER / PPL)
  • Commercial Pilot License - Aeroplane (CPAER / CPL)
  • Instrument Rating - Aeroplane (INRAT)
  • Class 4, 2 or 1 Flight Instructor - Aeroplane (AIRAF / AIRAT)
  • Flight Instructor Rating - Aerobatic Class 1 - Aeroplane (FITEN)
  • Aeroplane Type Rating for Two Crew or Cruise Relief Pilot (IATRA)
  • Airline Transport Pilot License - Aeroplane (SARON / SAMRA / ATPL).
  • Conversion Examination FAA Airline Transport Pilot - Aeroplane Certificate (FAAAA)

The team nizus thanks:

  • Thomas Adnet for the design
  • Zébulon Créationfor the web development
  • Ingrid Fuchs for the proofreading in French
  • Nav Canada and Transport Canada for their cooperation.